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Mental Health Services

Women’s Health in Women’s Hands counselling services employs a feminist, woman-centred approach to provide short-term counselling, group sessions and workshops to women from our priority populations.

Counselling takes place from the perspective that, throughout history, women have possessed the strengths that have enabled them to cope with adverse situations.  Therefore, the approach to counselling focuses on women’s strengths, capabilities, and resources rather than on weaknesses and limitations. 

Work is based on mental health promotion rather than on treatment of disorders and/or illnesses.  Counselling acknowledges women’s experiences of oppression within the context of power dynamics involving gender, race, class, ability, age and sexual orientation.

Mental Health Promotion initiatives aim at offering services that will enhance and strengthen women’s capacity to: implement changes in their social and physical environment, develop a significant social support system, form constructive relationships with others, and gain more control over their own lives.

These services include:

  • Mental health information/education
  • Counselling – Brief Counselling Strategies (CBT, Solution Focused, Mindfulness, Arts Based, Expressive)
  • Advocacy
  • Referrals

Overall Goals Of Therapy Are To Facilitate The Following:

  • Improve client’s supports and skills client to enhance functioning
  • Improve coping strategies
  • Provide the client with the skills to recognize problems and act proactively
  • Eliminate negative beliefs and perceptions, which can serve to maintain or increase problems
  • Empower clients to recognize and acknowledge their inherent abilities

Counselling services are offered within a brief counselling model and sessions are booked by appointment. 

Our commitment to the continued safety of all clients during our COVID - 19 response has led to the suspension of all group activities until further notice.

We’re currently working through our existing waitlist of clients needing services. At this time, we do not have any appointments available. In the meantime, we encourage you to seek alternative agencies to access healthcare services, including calling 211 for additional support in finding other Community Health Centres. If your needs are urgent, you can seek care at a walk-in clinic if you want to be seen sooner or go to the nearest Emergency Dept. You are welcome to check in monthly to find out if we now have more availability.