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MSAFIRI Knowledge Translation and Exchange (KTE) webinar series

On behalf of the MSAFIRI Post-Migration Health Project team and Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development (ICAD), you are invited to participate in the MSAFIRI Knowledge Translation and Exchange (KTE) webinar series!


The "Understanding HIV Transmission in African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) Communities Following Arrival in Canada Study" or MSAFIRI project was implemented between 2014 - 2017 with aim of shedding light on HIV acquisition in persons from ACB communities after their arrival in Canada. The findings of the project illustrates how and why ACB are acquiring HIV after they arrive in Canada when they are negative or when born in Canada. 


The first MSAFIRI webinar will highlight our findings, while the second will engage experts in the field, frontline workers and other service providers, researchers, policymakers, and community members, in a thoughtful discussion on new, innovative strategies to reduce HIV acquisition post-migration in ACB communities in Canada.

Since the information shared in the webinars build upon each other, we hope participants are able to participate in both. .

Please note only registered participants will have access to the webinars. To register for the first webinar being held on April 19th from 12:00 - 1:30, follow the link provided below.